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Updating Windows Be Like

1/12/2024 12:36 AM EST: so this is my life rn

1/12/2024 12:36 AM EST: windows update fails

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: error 0x80070643

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: restarting doesn’t help

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: windows update troubleshooter doesn’t help

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: so i do research

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: i find this documentation from microsoft

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST:

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: essentially the winRE partition is too small

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: so i follow the steps

1/12/2024 12:37 AM EST: and this happens

1/12/2024 12:38 AM EST:

DISKPART> shrink desired=250 minimum=250                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Virtual Disk Service error:                                                                                                                                                                                        The specified shrink size is too big and will cause the volume to be                                                                                                                                               smaller than the minimum volume size.

1/12/2024 12:38 AM EST: so i do some digging in event viewer and find this

1/12/2024 12:38 AM EST:

1/12/2024 12:38 AM EST: so the question becomes – how do i move this file

1/12/2024 12:38 AM EST:

1/12/2024 12:38 AM EST: jfc

1/12/2024 12:39 AM EST: if i use a bootable partition manager i might as well use gparted or something

1/12/2024 12:39 AM EST: but do i seriously have to do this for a f***ing windows 10 update

1/12/2024 12:40 AM EST:

remember that windows is meant to be used by 40 year old average people, not people like me
this should not be necessary to perform an update

1/12/2024 12:41 AM EST: and if you think “what you’re doing isn’t really hard,” you’re right, it’s not that complex, but you’d be surprised by how little some people know

1/12/2024 12:48 AM EST: the good news is that windows has released a powershell script that manages the winre partition such that the update isn’t necessary

1/12/2024 12:48 AM EST: and while i don’t use bitlocker, i still want this update installed Just In Case:tm:

1/12/2024 12:48 AM EST: because it is a security update

@bloxs – 1/12/2024 12:51 AM EST: Windows issue

@bloxs – 1/12/2024 12:52 AM EST: Fun fact: you would’ve been up and running with a bloat and spyware free arch linux install in like a third of the time it took you to fix your windows install

1/12/2024 12:56 AM EST:

1/12/2024 12:56 AM EST: directory

note: i typo’d the typo thus untypoing it by complete accident lol

1/12/2024 12:58 AM EST: why did it fail lol

1/12/2024 12:58 AM EST: reagentc seems to be working fine

1/12/2024 12:58 AM EST: eh i don’t even use bitlocker anyways

1/12/2024 1:01 AM EST: wait no i’m so stupid

1/12/2024 1:01 AM EST: the update isn’t for the recent cve

1/12/2024 1:01 AM EST: it’s for a 2023-05 update

1/12/2024 1:01 AM EST:

1/12/2024 1:01 AM EST: KB5001716

1/12/2024 1:01 AM EST: eh i’m just gonna restart and see what happens lol

1/12/2024 1:06 AM EST: windows 10 has now updated from 21h2 to 22h2

1/12/2024 1:07 AM EST: .net update jumpscare

yeah i don’t know either

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