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Issues With Google Pixel 7 Pro

Hello! In this article, I will be going over some issues that I have with my Google Pixel 7 Pro, running the January 5th security update of Android 14. I am using this as a public reference for the issues I am facing that should be fixed. I am not running any sort of beta build.

1. I have a loud high pitched noise coming in through my microphones when I record with them on my Google Pixel 7 Pro.

  • Using an app called Spectroid, the noise appears to be about 7969 Hz and is going as loud as -22 dB, which is extremely loud.
  • Using the Spectroid app, this issue seems to appear across all microphones when trying each Audio Source one by one (Default, Microphone, Camcorder, Voice Recognition, Voice Communication, and Unprocessed).
  • As for troubleshooting, I have tried rebooting my phone into Safe Mode. Unfortunately, even when I try recording while the phone is in Safe Mode, the issue is still there.
  • This issue makes it impossible for me to have any actual audio recordings and thus any video recordings where the audio is important. 
  • Update 2024-02-04 7:45 PM EST: I saw somewhere online (potentially on the Pixel Community Forum) that it might have something to do with an ultrasonic presence sensor getting mistakenly converted to a higher frequency. I have light switches that use a motion and possibly a presence sensor to know when to turn the lights on and whether or not to keep them on. Sure enough, when I put my phone up to the light switch / sensor, the volume of the 7969 Hz frequency went up to around to an absolutely massive -9 dB, which is obviously extremely loud. Therefore, there is an issue with the presence / motion sensor getting converted into an extremely loud high pitched noise.
  • Update 2/6/2024 4:20 PM EST: I updated my phone last night to the Android February 5 Security Update. This update did not solve my issue and the issue is still present.

2. Wireless Emergency Alerts are silenced with Do Not Disturb

  • This is an issue for public safety, as alerts should bypass Do Not Disturb in the event of an emergency.
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts can be toggled on and off even by type/category of alert, so there’s no reason for them to be silenced with Do Not Disturb. Perhaps it can be an option, but there should also be the option for emergency alerts to bypass it. Also, yes, I have set up Wireless Emergency Alerts to be an exclusion/exception for Do Not Disturb, but unfortunately that doesn’t work (at least in terms of audio).

3. I am currently experiencing a bug where, on the lock screen where the time of the next alarm is displayed, the time of any “next” alarm even if it is paused will show.

  • I’ve noticed this issue pretty quickly and it’s been there for quite some time now.
  • This bug has not been solved.
  • For example, if the actual next alarm is going to go off at 4:20 PM, but there is a paused alarm that would go off at 1:00 PM, then the displayed time will be 1:00 for the next alarm.
  • Update 2/6/2024 4:20 PM EST: I updated my phone to the Android February 5 Security Update last night and this bug has still not been resolved.

Do you have any issues? Feel free to talk about them in my Discord server!

Thanks for reading!

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