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Creator Highlight #1 – Nomad Over Normal

Hey, welcome to my first Creator Highlight post! This is something that may potentially become a series that I post whenever I feel like it that puts a highlight on a creator. The first creator we will be taking a look at is Nomad Over Normal.

Disclaimer: I have had no communication with Nomad Over Normal and this is not a sponsored or endorsed article. I genuinely find his content good and I don’t even know him personally as of me writing.

Nomad Over Normal is a content creator on YouTube with, at the time of writing, less than 5000 subscribers. This is quite surprising considering the quality of his content, which makes me, as a viewer, feel like I’m watching a YouTuber with a subscriber count of 6 digits, not 4. He has made some interesting videos, with his most recent video at the time of writing being “Ownership is dying, and you’ve probably noticed” – a video that goes over ownership and products in our society. Companies and corporations are coming up with ways to get consumers to not own their content and products anymore – from forced subscriptions to utilize the hardware already in your device after paying for it to using a streaming service or other digital means to “own” your content instead of physical media (which can take away “your” content at any time). I suggest watching the video if you’re interested!

Another video he has made is “26 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore To Simplify My Life” – a video where he goes over things he doesn’t really buy into. These range from having junk food in the house to pre-sliced fruit and even clothing with logos on them. Not only can one’s life be simplified by not buying into these things, but it can also save someone a lot of time and money and improve quality of life.

Nomad Over Normal has other videos like this on the channel as well, so I highly suggest you check him out! I really enjoy his videos and I believe he deserves more subscribers and recognition due to the high quality of his content. You can visit his channel here:

Note: If you want yourself or someone you know of to be featured in the Creator Highlight series, please join my Discord and open a Management Ticket! It can be someone who creates videos, music, games, livestreams, or anything else! Alternatively, you can email [email protected] with a subject beginning with [Creator Highlight Candidate]. You can join my Discord here:

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