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Minecraft CSMOTW #1

Welcome to my first post of CSMOTW. If you’re wondering what CSMOTW means, it simply stands for Client-Side Mods of the Week. This series will be similar to my Software of the Day series, but rather than showing a piece of software on some days, I will be showcasing a few client-side mods for Minecraft every week.

This week’s picks include the following:

  • NoChatReports – Fabric 1.19
  • AutoReconnect – Fabric 1.19
  • Mouse Wheelie – Fabric 1.19
  • More Chat History – Fabric 1.19
  • Equipment Compare – Fabric 1.19

Fabric Installation

If you already know how to install Fabric, you can proceed to the next section. If you don’t know how to install Fabric, however, there’s no need to worry, as it is quite a simple installation process, and you can learn how to do so in my installation guide.

No Chat Reports

To start off the CSMOTW series, we are going to be looking at NoChatReports. In case you are unfamiliar with this mod, NoChatReports is a Fabric client-side mod available for 1.19 through 1.19.2 that disables chat signing. This, in turn, disables other players being able to report you. You will still be able to play and send messages on servers that don’t force chat signing (although you should not play on any server that forces it anyways).

Now, why would you want to disable chat reports? The answer is because of the way Mojang (or Microsoft) has implemented the chat reporting system. If you are found guilty from a player report, you are banned from Mojang’s authentication servers, meaning your account will effectively be banned from every server (unless it is a cracked server). This includes your own servers and servers on versions below 1.19. This is problematic because Mojang (or Microsoft) is attempting to do the moderation on behalf of all server owners based on actions performed possibly in one single server, which at least partially defeats the point of servers having moderators. This is not even to mention the fact that servers have different target audiences, meaning that some servers allow for more “offensive” things to be in chat than others.

Installation of the No Chat Reports mod is straightforward. After downloading Fabric, download the No Chat Reports mod and put the mod in your mods folder. The default location of this is in %appdata%\.minecraft\mods, although this will be different if you have your Minecraft installation in another directory. This is the process used to add the other Fabric mods in this post as well.

Hard Dependencies (Required): Fabric Client (1.19)

Soft Dependencies: ModMenu [Configure Mod In-Game]


Next up on our list, we have AutoReconnect. As the name suggests, AutoReconnect attempts to reconnect you to a server upon disconnecting.

With ModMenu, you are able to configure the delays between each attempted reconnect, and whether or not the mod will infinitely attempt to reconnect you.

Hard Dependencies (Required): Fabric Client, Cloth Config API

Soft Dependencies: ModMenu [Lets you configure mod in-game]


Mouse Wheelie

Mouse Wheelie brings a ton of must-have features that will make it hard for you to go back without it. It adds mouse-related actions, including with the mouse wheel.

Here’s just some of the features you can do in an inventory with this mod:

  • Hold shift and drag the left click button to send whole stacks of items between an inventory/hotbar and a container, or even between the hotbar and inventory
  • Scroll up/down while hovering over an item to send items up/down
  • Hold ctrl and click an item to send all of that item into/out of a container

You can configure the mod through Mod Menu to your liking.

Hard Dependencies (Required): Fabric Client

Soft Dependencies: Mod Menu


More Chat History

More Chat History raises the chat history in-game from 100 messages to 16384.

Hard Dependencies (Required): Fabric Client


Equipment Compare

Equipment Compare lets you compare an armor item you are hovering over to the armor already on you. For example, if you have an Iron Chestplate with Protection IV and a custom +8 Armor attribute currently equipped and you want to see how that would compare to a Diamond Chestplate with Protection II, this mod will make it more easy for you to do so.

Hard Dependencies (Required): Fabric Client, Iceberg, Forge Config API Port*

* Versions of the mod below 1.3 require Cloth Config API instead of Forge Config API Port


That wraps it up for this week’s Fabric mods. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and feel free to let me know if there’s any mods you want to see me cover by telling me in the comments below or telling me in my Discord server:

Thanks for reading!

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