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Short Read: Why USB-C Should Charge Every Mobile Device

You may already know that in the European Union, all phones, tablets, and cameras will need to support USB Type C for charging by the end of 2024. While this is great for those living in the European Union, those living elsewhere may not have this right. This should change.

According to The Verge, unused and discarded cables account for 11,000 metric tons of electronic waste per year:

Piled together, unused and discarded chargers add up to about 11,000 metric tons of e-waste in Europe annually, according to the European Parliament.

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2022/6/8/23159808/universal-charger-e-waste-european-union-eu-usb-c-apple

Additionally, the European Parliament expects that the mandating of USB-C will save consumers about 250 million euros annually. That’s a lot of money.

Furthermore, there would be a lot of convenience from everything using USB-C. People would only have to worry about carrying one cable with them, and that one cable could charge any phone or tablet, as well as any good and modern laptop, pair of headphones, Bluetooth speaker, or anything else.

That’s all I really have to say, though. Thanks for reading!

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