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How to Change the Date of a File on Windows 10

For Software of the Day #4, we are showcasing Attribute Changer, which lets you modify the metadata of a file that contains the time the file was created, modified, and last accessed.

Suppose we have an essay that was meant to be finished on October 26, 2022, but the day is October 27th, 2022.

The Properties Window of a file named essay.docx, which is a Microsoft Word Document.

To use Attribute Changer to modify this metadata, simply right click the file and click “Change Attributes.”

A window will show up.

The Attribute Changer menu, showing a section with checkboxes to make the file read-only, a system file, a hidden file, and things like that. There is also a section for modifying the timestamps of when the file was last created, was last modified, and was last accessed.

The timestamps are not the only things we can change. We can also make the file a hidden file (meaning it will only show up if a user has the option to show hidden files enabled in File Explorer), a system file (meaning it will only show up if the user shows system files in File Explorer), a read-only file, and a few other things.

We are mainly going to worry about changing the timestamps. Simply change the timestamps to your liking.

The Attribute Changer menu with the day of October 26th being highlighted next to the Modified word, showing that the Modified day was changed from October 27th to October 28th.

Once you’re done with that, simply click Apply and click yes to the warning that shows up.

A warning saying "Processing Confirmation - You have chosen to make changes to your file/folder selection. Do you want to apply these changes?" There is an unchecked checkbox saying "Preview the changes (Simulation mode)." The two buttons on the bottom are OK and Cancel.
The "Reporting"  tab of Attribute Changer, with the text "Processing Summary Report, 1 file analyzed, 1 file modified, and the selected file being D:\Showcase\essay.docx".
The summary report menu after modifying the date of the essay file.

That’s pretty much it! If you want to download Attribute Changer, feel free to do so here:

Thanks for reading!

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