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Software of the Day #3: ZoomIt

ZoomIt is a simple program made for Windows as part of the Microsoft Sysinternals Suite. It adds the ability to zoom into the screen with two different modes, as well as a basic timer feature and the ability to quickly draw on the screen.

The zoom feature – This image is not cropped, this is taking up the whole monitor

The first feature we can cover is Zoom. To zoom, you can press the default shortcut of Ctrl + Shift + 1. This will freeze the screen and allow you to zoom in, using your mouse to move around and the mouse wheel to zoom in more or zoom out. This can be quite convenient for presentation purposes, whether it’s a presentation for a classroom or meeting, or if you’re recording a video and you wish to zoom in on something important. You can escape the zoom feature with the same shortcut again, with the Escape key, or by right clicking.

The draw feature.

Next up is the drawing feature. This will freeze the screen and let you draw on the screen. The default shortcut to activate this is Ctrl + Shift + 2. You will be able to draw in red, but there are a few other colors you can draw with, activating the different colors by pressing the key on the keyboard associated with the first letter of the name of the color. You can press the E key to erase everything on the screen, and while Ctrl + Z does work for undoing drawings, it unfortunately does not work if you accidentally erased your drawings. You can press the W key to make the background white, or the K key to make the background black, good for if you want to draw on a blank background quickly rather than drawing on the screen. The T key allows you to add text to the screen. To escape drawing mode, simply press Escape.


The timer mode adds a simple timer to the screen. You can bring it up with Ctrl + Shift + 3.

This image is also not cropped, it is the Live Zoom feature.

Finally, there’s the LiveZoom feature. This zooms into the screen without freezing it, and the default shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + 4.

Overall, ZoomIt is an awesome program that adds zooming and drawing abilities to your screen. You can modify some of the settings through the ZoomIt options menu, such as the shortcuts, whether or not ZoomIt starts on startup, and how long the screen timer lasts. If you’re interested, you can download ZoomIt here for free:

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